10 Ways to Perfectly Edit Your Resume

It’s been years since you dusted off versions of  any of your resumes, and suddenly you find yourself back on the job market.  Where do you start, and how do you make yourself presentable again?

Here are 10 epic ways to edit your professional resume to perfection and get yourself back in the game.

1.  Get Current – Now!

The best time to chronicle your most recent job is while you’re still in it. Why? Because the details will be fresh in your mind, and you’ll have access to information if you need it.

When you can, use facts and figures to back up your accomplishments. You didn’t just increase sales – you increased sales by 20% in the first month. You didn’t just manage accounts of industry leaders – you managed the accounts of Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

2.  Get Rid of the Old

The longer you have been in the workforce, the more experience sludge you have probably accumulated at the end of your resumes. If it’s longer than two pages, it’s time to give it a trim.

Jobs that you held a decade ago or more can be removed entirely. If you feel they are important to show your qualifications, keep the description to one line, such as, “Coordinated a busy desk for two executives,” rather than detailing out each responsibility you handled.


3. Get Rid of the Irrelevant

That one summer you worked as a lifeguard? Probably not important to an employer looking for a new accountant. While you might be tempted to include everything you’ve ever done, you will be much better served by only featuring what is pertinent to that particular job opening.

But it’s not just irrelevant positions you should nix. Look for job responsibilities and accomplishments that don’t directly apply to your current career goals. Consider cutting or trimming them to draw more attention to experience that is applicable.

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