4 Tips to Enhance That Job Seeker Life

Ready to try some suggests to enhance the job seeker life during your holiday down time? Well, here are some suggestions that I have stumbled upon to make a small difference in your job search.

Job seekers should become freelancers. A friend forward this link to me to use but in general, this is a way for people to obtain work while looking for a permanent gig, or to make money while looking. I signed up to give it a try. 3Desk allows a user to proceed with their LinkedIn login intended to enhance your experience. It pulls your contacts who have common job statuses such as, freelance and employers. You can also just search available opportunities if you don’t want to hob-knob with anyone else (or perhaps you have been down that road on LinkedIn. The good news is that this is a brand new service and recently 3Desk sent 200,000 invitations to potential users. Get in on the ground floor for more opportunities to stand out.
I have reviewed several online grammar checkers this year, and here is one more to add to this list. This online application was sent to me by Jenny Frost to be reviewed. She lives in Thailand and her husband developed the software and the rest is history. This is very similar to After The Deadline (polishmywriting.com). It is simple to use and does a good job underlining in red mis-spelled words and capturing  passive tense in green. When underlined in blue, there are suggestions for simpler words.
To read the rest, go the The Voice of Job Seekers blog!
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