Federal Resumes

I specialize in writing federal résumé for military and federal clients. In the past year, I consulted with hundreds of federal and military personnel by either writing and editing their résumés, consulting, advising, or coaching.

I wrote and edited résumés for federal workers to upload to USAJOBS and Resumix (Department of Defense Résumé Builder).  It is a challenge for various federal and military personnel because of the format, and character requirements.  Many find difficulty format his or her résumé in a way that is “eye-popping” or that will stand out. The aim of COMPETITIVE RESUMES is to help everyone to compete!

Another challenge for federal workers is how to shorten a lengthy résumé. It is acceptable for federal résumés to exceed three (3) pages. Résumé builders like USAJOBS and Resumix produce unattractive large blocks of text that are difficult to read. To remedy this, we write to feature a job seeker’s knowledge, skills, and abilities ogically and aesthetically pleasing.

Your investment begins at $400 and up.

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