My Book Review of The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave


The author Leigh Branham, CEO and Founder of Keeping The People, Inc., has written two other workplace books including the 1st edition of this book. The 7 Hidden Reason Employees Leave by Leigh Branham is not only for the employee, but is also for unemployed and under-appreciated job seekers.

Whenever I receive books from AMACOM Books, I consider the benefits of the job seeker value first. When I sent the inquiry, I went to YouTube and searched another site to see if there is practical for the unemployed. I agreed to review the book but it wasn’t a resounding yes, until I started reading.


What a useful resource this is! It gives job seekers more reasons to research companies and continue the needed due diligence to find the ideal workplace.

Another factor is that there are job seekers who are ready to leave their current positions. As mentioned last week, job seekers are looking for new opportunities, despite the overall job outlook. For many of them, this is not a suggested career move. The study states that only 17% are prepared to tackle a job search.

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