Now You Look Like An Unappreciated Jobseeker

To be smart in the 21st century and remain successful, you must remain a job seeker, marketer, and entrepreneur. Take the opportunities that come your way that could define and re-define who you are and what your reputation epitomizes. You know…a brand.

Many job seekers jump into his or her career shift without evaluating and considering brand condition. To be frank, it is likely that if you haven’t updated your resume, are not actively networking, or attended relevant training in your field in the past year (yes, more than ONE year ago), your brand is jacked up! You may not know what your brand is and how you got it. That’s scary.

That’s why you’re unappreciated. You lack a reputation and identity. This might have been self-induced. You’re probably feeling unappreciated because of the following:

1. An incessant negative attitude. 

People remember your complaining, grumbling, and dark sarcasm more than any positive trait about you. Rarely do you find the good and positive about anyone and rarely express it. Are you having a hard time finding job references?

2. You pass on opportunities to train others

Training others is a way to contribute significantly, especially if you see areas that need someone to step up. Instead you say, “I don’t want to be bothered!” a limiting attitude. If you need a selfish reason, training others will stand out on your résumé as a wanted attribute by employers.

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