Patience is a Virtue of an Impressive Hire


“The waiting is the hardest part…” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

How you wait matters. Whether it is the interview or an informational interview, your prospect co-workers watch for character clues as everyone in the office has an interest in the next hire. The first impression counts so remain cognizant of what you do while waiting for a meetings. Waiting can drive you nuts! It’s part of the charade that employers play sometimes, but many times, they are busy. Here are my suggestions on how to handle the pre-meeting tarrying.

1. Smile don’t smirk

Not smiling is not so bad, but the angry look is an awful disposition to have for a business meeting. Smirking appears as a sense of entitlement air. You’re lucky that someone agreed to meet with you. What you don’t say speaks volumes of things you can’t take back. A “happy to be here” smile is good, but not the infamous Cheshire cat grin.

2. Mind your business

In spite of the loud, concentration breaking conversations the receptionist has on the phone, mind your own business unless you are encouraged to join in.

3. Alert, not anxious

Be ready to stand when approached without dropping everything on the ground. This is one of the important moments because it is probably your first impression with that person. On the other hand, habits like cracking your knuckles, tapping your feet, or any kind of noise is annoying. It is NOT a good look if you are wondering into space while someone is shaking your hand. What could be more important than the meeting?

4. Read, and relax but don’t wander

People fall asleep if they wait more than 15 minutes. I have seen it happen at many levels; however, sleep is not the issue. Bring an industry related magazine, a self-improvement Bring something to read while you wait. book, or read what is available. I had a boss who left out several magazines to see if they would pick up People, TIME, Newsweek, or the Enquirer as she believed you are what you read. Relax, but don’t go to the beach in your mind just yet.

5. Tempered, and timely

You have heard all the advice about being on time, but not enough about having your game face on. Leave the attitudes at home! This advice does not stop here. Every now and then, someone will say or do something offensive. Being even-tempered is as important as having good professional judgment. Don’t be the cause for something crazy being said.

Any of these things are potentially disqualifying offenses. You do your part in presenting yourself in the best light. Overall, just be S-M-A-R-T!


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