I have written private industry résumés for my clients since we began  in 2009. Job seekers around the country know how competitive the job market remains, and a COMPETITIVE resume is essential for success.

People have a hard time telling their career story in one or two pages. I strive to take the thinking away from clients, and apply a thought process that develops and creates a résumé that will feature your best attributes.

Most people need to think deeply about their career in measures and metrics to feature on his or her résumé.

These are essential to show your best attributes:

IMPACT: What implemented processes  positively affected your department/unit/company’s performance?

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: What final outcomes received praise, promotion, notice, or complimented?

RESULTS: What performance measures improved  the quality or quantity of work?

AWARDS/SUCCESS: Did you receive public or private acknowledgements of your work?

Remember that this job market is competitive.

Your investment for private industry résumés starts at $350.


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