13 Keys to Carefully Crafting Cover Letter

When crafting cover letters one has to be perfect and to the point as what is reflected in your cover letter should get you the job you are applying for. Ensure the cover letter is clear, grammatically correct, concise and error free. Here are cover letters writing tips that will make you stand out from the crowd.


1) Attach a cover letter with each resume sent out

It’s always good to send a cover letter even if not requested by the employer. Your cover letter may make the difference between obtaining a job interview and having your resume ignored.


2) Target your cover letter

Check out the job posting and list the criteria the employer is looking for and make a comparison with the skills and experience you have. From there you are able to address your skills and qualifications that match the job description.


3) Provide quality evidence of your qualities

Pick out the top most qualities the employer is seeking in their job specification that you most likely posses and include in the resume.


4) Write a custom cover letter

Writing a custom cover letter at times can be time-consuming but in the end the cover letter will show the hiring manager at a glance why you are the best person for the job as skills and experiences are included.


5) Start from a cover template

Use a cover letter template s a starting point which will help you create your own personalized cover letter a cover templates helps you take little details and fix them in your own personal letter.


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5 Personal Quirks Employers Hate

A job seeker’s quirks can very well keep him or her from ever being a serious job candidate. Who can say that snorts and unusual sneezes can’t be scrutinized? There are quite a few quirks that friends and family tolerate, but employers are not having it.

1. Emotional baggage

People like to laugh and cry, but neither one incessantly. Telling sad stories and jokes constantly wears thin on everyone including loved ones, but particularly employers.

2. Halitosis, Hygiene

Ask for a second opinion if you are constantly told, “You stink!” It is what everyone wants to say when a lack of soap manipulation is evident. This also applies to the girl or guy with too much cologne or perfume on his or her person.

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4 Tips to Enhance That Job Seeker Life

Ready to try some suggests to enhance the job seeker life during your holiday down time? Well, here are some suggestions that I have stumbled upon to make a small difference in your job search.

Job seekers should become freelancers. A friend forward this link to me to use but in general, this is a way for people to obtain work while looking for a permanent gig, or to make money while looking. I signed up to give it a try. 3Desk allows a user to proceed with their LinkedIn login intended to enhance your experience. It pulls your contacts who have common job statuses such as, freelance and employers. You can also just search available opportunities if you don’t want to hob-knob with anyone else (or perhaps you have been down that road on LinkedIn. The good news is that this is a brand new service and recently 3Desk sent 200,000 invitations to potential users. Get in on the ground floor for more opportunities to stand out.
I have reviewed several online grammar checkers this year, and here is one more to add to this list. This online application was sent to me by Jenny Frost to be reviewed. She lives in Thailand and her husband developed the software and the rest is history. This is very similar to After The Deadline (polishmywriting.com). It is simple to use and does a good job underlining in red mis-spelled words and capturing  passive tense in green. When underlined in blue, there are suggestions for simpler words.
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Now You Look Like An Unappreciated Jobseeker

To be smart in the 21st century and remain successful, you must remain a job seeker, marketer, and entrepreneur. Take the opportunities that come your way that could define and re-define who you are and what your reputation epitomizes. You know…a brand.

Many job seekers jump into his or her career shift without evaluating and considering brand condition. To be frank, it is likely that if you haven’t updated your resume, are not actively networking, or attended relevant training in your field in the past year (yes, more than ONE year ago), your brand is jacked up! You may not know what your brand is and how you got it. That’s scary.

That’s why you’re unappreciated. You lack a reputation and identity. This might have been self-induced. You’re probably feeling unappreciated because of the following:

1. An incessant negative attitude. 

People remember your complaining, grumbling, and dark sarcasm more than any positive trait about you. Rarely do you find the good and positive about anyone and rarely express it. Are you having a hard time finding job references?

2. You pass on opportunities to train others

Training others is a way to contribute significantly, especially if you see areas that need someone to step up. Instead you say, “I don’t want to be bothered!” a limiting attitude. If you need a selfish reason, training others will stand out on your résumé as a wanted attribute by employers.

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