Phone Interview Preparation With A Recruiter

Editors note: @JNAPublications wrote the following about her phone interview experience.
How long has it been since you have had a phone interview? I remember the times when a phone interview was easy. The questions were basic.

Tell me about your background?

What do you look for in a company?

Well today I experienced my first phone interview in 2 years. This interview was an hour-long. The recruiter asked me several questions. After this daunting interview, I asked myself, How well did I prepare for this interview? Companies are hiring, but they are being very strategic in choosing? Below are some of the questions that I can recall from my interview.

1. Walk me through your entire resume?

This question was not as difficult; however, I didn’t have my résumé in front of me. I wasn’t able to give the correct dates. Before your next phone interview, make sure your résumé is in front of you. Be ready to explain gaps between employers. Why were you not working during this period of time? How did you get to where you are now? Also explain why you left each job and why you want to leave now.

2. Explain your understanding of the company.

What is the title of the job? Do you know how this job will help your career path? In my situation, the recruiter emailed me information about the company. Make sure you read everything. It’s important to understand why the company is even interested.

3. What skills do you offer the company?

What value do your skills bring to the company? What are your strengths? Are you able to articulate the answer to this question? You should also be able to explain what drives your performance in a company. What are you passionate about that could help you excel if hired?

4. Have you mapped out your career path?

The key word in this question is “your.” When recruiters ask this question, they don’t want to hear that you see yourself as an executive. They want to know, what are your career goals, what skills are you wanting to advance in? How can that company help further your career path?

5. What has your job search been like? What other companies are you looking at?

This question was very new to me. As a student, I didn’t really know what my job search was like since I had just started. I answered the question in the format of being honest. I told her, what positions and companies I had also looked at. I told her why those positions piqué my interest. I also told her that I applied a year ago. The one thing I gathered from this question was do I have a centralized focus. She wanted to know was I desperately looking for jobs and applying for everything or was I looking for a career.

These were the questions that stood out to me. Before your next phone interview, prepare yourself by knowing how to answer these questions. A Phone interview does not mean you have the job, but means they want to know more about you.. Now it’s your job to sell them on why you are the best candidate.

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