Tech Career Advice is Universal to Most Careers

I recently interviewed Forough Ghahramani, DeVry University Professor, for The Voice of Job Seekers blog. She offered some great advice for job seekers in the tech field that applies to most careers. There are several components that she pointed out when I asked her how 2013 graduates should be preparing for their job search:

” * Develop a network of contacts (professors, friends, parents of friends, friends of parents, family, and neighbors, etc.)

o Inform people know that you are about to graduate and are looking for a job before you actually graduate

o Create a professional social media profile (i.e. LinkedIn)

o Look into professional organization memberships

o Good networking is about building solid, trusted relationships that are long-term, not short-term

* Develop and market your brand: what are your key differentiators, how do you want people to perceive you

* Think ahead – create a 3-5-year plan

You can view the entire interview on both The Voice of Job Seekers blog and DeVry University’s Know How blog!


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