TV Sitcoms That Contain Valuable Interview Job Lessons

Although there are fallacies and erroneous job interview situations from television that we laugh at, there are truths, sometimes painful points a job seeker can put in his or her back pocket. I like to think the purposely fictional portrays the funniest job interviews stretch into fantasy, it resonates if not by script, at least by behavior. The silliest but truthful reminders whisper to us. I found an Ellen DeGeneres episode which she interviews candidate for a position she didn’t have. As hilarious and outrageous this scenario is, these are good models to learn from for job seekers that need help with interviewing.

Here are some take-a-ways to apply to your job interview strategy:

  • Talking too much is not a plus. Answer the inquiry only
  • Sharing too much information is not good, especially if the interviewer is sharing personal information.
  • Notice how some of the candidates dressed…down. Even if the office dresses down, for the interview dress sharp
  • Facial expressions can say things that defy words at that time. Focus on the matters on the table
  • DON’T CURSE! Even if the interviewer does
  • If something seems silly and funny, it could strategic to provoke a reaction. Tread carefully.


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