Two Dumb Job Interview Questions



You will be tempted to laugh at these two questions when asked in an interview. You shouldn’t laugh in the person’s face, but smiling while answering may cause hemorrhaging of the pleasant kind.


1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A job seeker  under 30 would laugh. Many of them are not looking to stay anywhere five years right now. For the rest of us, we’d be remiss to think that a job will last five years without understanding the full scope of the position. If you have done your research on the position, it is a good time to offer a contribution statement that would include a five-year projection. When appropriate, you can ask the interviewer how do they see the position evolving in the future.

2. What interests you about our company?

I see that smirk. You saw that they were hiring. What they are really asking is, “What did you find out about our company?” They expect that you have done your due diligence in researching, networking, and provide well thought out answers. They want to hear that you went to the company website to find out about their product and services. Or that you have sought out information about who will conduct your interview (it might be a team, panel, or group).

Yes, chuckle if you must, but the reality is you must be prepared to redirect questions to focus on the solutions and contributions you bring to the table. If you haven’t already, sit down and list what your core competencies are and how they add value to an employer.


Maybe you need help to prepare to answer these questions.  I can help.

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