Client) Taylor Made Industries

“Mark is an accomplished resume consultant. Mark’s thoroughness in reviewing my resume and helping me to produce an attention getting resume is greatly valued. Mark is great at customer service and always thinking about how to best present his clients through their resumes. Hire this consultant and his talents!” July 12, 2011

1st Althea Taylor,
hired Mark Anthony as a Business Consultant in 2009

1st Anthony HamiltonOwner, Mavis Construction, Inc./Willson Design LLC
was with another company when working with Mark Anthony at (Client) Taylor Made Industries

“Mark is the Resume Consultant for Taylor Made Industries. He writes resumes for leaders of companies seeking MBE/WBE certified to conduct business with the City of Chicago. Mark displays a genuine interest in the client’s goals and objectives, designing a resume that exceed the expectations of clients. For two years, he has consistently delivered timely work products, even under extremely short deadlines. Mark receives more than favorable feedback from Taylor Made Industries’ clients in his personable approach in asking the right questions, and the completed project in shedding the best light on our clients. I have recommended Mark on several occasions, and look forward to his expanding role with Taylor Made Industries in the future.” July 7, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mark Anthony Dyson Being Completely Ignored Downtown Chicago


The Ravens Group

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with and know Mark for the past six months as one of the primary QA resume writer’s, coach, and trainer with the Raven’s Group. Mark is one of the best all-around career management consultant’s I know. I’ve learned so many things from him, especially about resumes and writing resumes.

In addition, Mark is extremely gifted in understanding the “World of Work” and the skills the client needs to meet the challenges of getting and retaining employment. He is easy to talk to and is always willing to share information or help me and his colleagues on a variety of topics or issues. I think this is why Mark has been such a successful entrepreneur with Competitive Resumes and I look forward to a continued relationship with him.” April 8, 2011

1st Lauretta HollidayHR Consultant and Coach, Career and Management Consulting
worked directly with Mark Anthony at The Ravens Group

Mark Enjoys Music Before Its Played in Downtown Chicago

“Mark Dyson exceeds all expectations for his clients in the human resources arena. He is a dedicated coaching professional who will make certain clients receive the best professional products and services needed to accomplish their professional goals. He is a highly skilled writer who practices his art form consistently always staying on top of all the current trends and resources. His value system honors his belief in perfection and he strives to provide polished, perfected results and you will never be disappointed. I counted on Mark’s creativity, professionalism and writing acumen to develop stellar products and the results were always positive. I would highly recommend Mark to achieve your desired results.” April 3, 2011

1st Allison JonesProgram Manager Army G1 BRAC Services (former), Evolution Consulting Services, LLC
worked directly with Mark Anthony at The Ravens Group

Workshop Testimony
While these two and half days may have been a contract job or passion or you, I’d like to personally thank you for sharing your knowledge, time, and insight with us at Fort Eustis, Va. from Sept 26-28, 2011.
Your quiet demeanor is a ruse that brings your audience to attention. The knowledge you impart is outstanding. Your love of reading is evident as you shared several pertinent books as references. May you always keep that passion for reading bot professional and personal.
Thank you again!
Mary K.

Just wanted to send you a little testimonial…I have been somewhat picky on applying for jobs.  I read the descriptions and research the company prior to sending my application.  I sent my first application with my new & improved resume and got a response in less than 48 hours :)  I have never received a response in less than 48 hours unless it was an insurance job or commission only job.  Thanks to you fixing my resume I was able to finally get in front of someone.  I don’t have the job yet but am on to step number 3 of 4. 

Thanks again!Tina Overstreet.

June 21, 2012
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