What Is Job Networking to You?

By actively networking, your résumé will write itself. All of the information gathering that inserts itself in the blanks will provide your story into a persuasive document that the reader will want to know more. But first things first: How do you get enough information to consider networking effective?
There are several things to remember about effective networking:
  1. It is more the way of life, not just a temporary means to reach a short-term goal
  2. The most valuable information is not found anywhere except in conversations. It is not posted on the job description.
  3. Networking is a series of great conversations and exchanges with several people not an encounter with one person
  4. Effective networking rarely has an immediate benefit but rather one that extends throughout time
  5. If you are not sharing, giving, and absorbing, you are not networking
My question for today, what is networking to you?
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