Your Brain, The Most Important Job Seeking Tool

I wrote about the brain being the weapon of choice for job seeking efforts two years ago. I thought that the points then still transcends to know. We underestimate how powerful our brains are in discerning right from wrong, and what’s career fits our style of learning and thinking. It’s more important than your resume, a smooth 30-second introduction, or any other means of presenting yourself. Your brain is the central hub of all things you.

Essentially, your brain competes with your heart. A common example of this comes from my original posting two years ago:

The job posting says: Must have a Microsoft Office A+ certification
Your heart says: I’ve worked with Microsoft Office for 10 years now, I can do the job
Your BRAIN says: I haven’t used Office in 6 months since my position was tossed and I never had formal training.
The truth is: No certification, no interview

I hope you will read the rest of the article, and find some truth to follow.

Most Important Job Seeking Tool? Your Brain, not Your Resume

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