5 Best Jobs that Naturally Create Work Life Balance

Work life balance

Attaining work life balance is not easy owing to the myriad pressures and demands that modern jobs have. However, there are certain occupations that can still be considered as the best jobs for work life balance, owing to the comfortable working culture that such industries and job roles promote. This article sheds light on five such occupations that will help you attain a positive balance between your work life and personal life.

As mentioned by Heather Schuck, in her book The Working Mom Manifesto, “You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.” Maintaining a healthy work life balance is essential in order to lead a life that is fulfilling. However, such aspirations seem to be reserved for a perfect world, where indiscretions like missing your child’s baseball match or neglecting personal time for yourself are uncommon. It needs to be noted that very few jobs in real life actually offer you the scope of enjoying such work life balance. There are certain people, especially women, who work too hard and end up giving too much out of their lives such that they do not enjoy any balance in life. If you are looking for the best jobs for work life balance, you ought to select your field of expertise and occupation very carefully. As has been revealed by Robert Half, the renowned employment agency, their employers have reported to enjoy a better work-life balance in recent years as opposed to before. Therefore, it is not improbable to secure a job that provides you such facilities. If you are looking forward to learning about five such lucrative avenues please continue reading.

The best jobs for work life balance

In the following section, some light would be shed upon the five most exciting fields that allow you to enjoy work-life balance. This list has been collated after Glassdoor conducted an inspection of the data that they had acquired over the years. This list was formed after selecting those companies that had 75 or more rating in the department of work life balance. Data from as many as 75 different companies having more than 50% employer reviews were considered for this survey. Only those jobs have been made part of this list that fared positively in the department of work life balance in at least 20% of the total reviews that have been made regarding them. These jobs include:

DevOps Engineer

With a work-life balance rating of 4.0 and an average salary of $110,000 p.a. a DevOps manager is a person who knows system administration and codes or writes scripts, while also being capable of handling the development aspect of the job; or a developer who is adept with network and deployment operations. Being well versed in coding, re-engineering and collaborating efficiently, DevOps Engineers is one job profile that is quite loved in America, with over 1500 jobs available in the field. 

Mobile Developer

Another tough contender in the list of best work life balance jobs is the job of a mobile developer. With a median salary of $101,398 and a work-life balance rating of 4.0, the job of a mobile developer is one of those high paying jobs that you can secure even if you do not have a college degree, just on the basis of your skills and expertise in the field. The work for these people includes creating mobile apps, testing and fixing these apps and writing code for them. It is considered one of the fastest growing jobs in the world with a projected growth rate of 19% in the next 10 years. Therefore, this is one of the best jobs to choose if you are looking for job security along with work life balance.

Content Manager

With a focus on your creative and eloquent side, the work of a content manager is one of the most exciting ones that are available in the market. This job involves the professional to curate, edit, proofread and write content for website pages. Given the sporadic growth of the internet in the modern world, this is a job that will continue to grow in the coming years. In the Glassdoor report, users have provided a 3.8 rating to this job. With over 500 jobs present for this role and an attractive average salary of $73,909, becoming a content manager might be ideal for leading a balanced life.

UX Designer

An UX designer is a person who determines what the experience would be when a person interacts with a particular app. It is these people who decide whether you would have to swipe left or upwards in order to unlock your phone. UX designing has been reported as a widely popular job with a 4.1 rating on Glassdoor for work-life balance. If the idea of being able to impact how an app is handled is something that interests you, maybe it is the perfect job that you should select. With an average salary of $98,000 you can rest assured regarding financial stability.

Corporate Recruiter

If you have an eye to seek out talent and have a knack towards recruiting, then the job of a corporate recruiter is tailor-made for you. With a work-life balance rating of 4.1 on Glassdoor and an average salary of $65,000, you will be able to avoid working odd hours owing to the fact that this job relies on results in quality as opposed to quantity.  Therefore, rigorous time constraints is something that this job does not have. Moreover, you get to interact with the most promising talents in the market and dine and wine with them in order to convince them to join your company. The benefits of this job are innumerable. 

Choosing the best jobs for work life balance

Therefore, it is evident that choosing the best jobs for work life balance is essential towards leading a fulfilled and happy life. The job you do has a lot of impact on your life. In case you are not in any of the aforementioned jobs and you are facing the negative effects of your occupation on your everyday life, it is high time that you start reconsidering your vocation, or look for ways to create substantial work life balance. Talking with your manager, researching before accepting a job or managing your workload in an efficient manner can be some ways that you could try. 

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