About Me

I’m a profit generator, courage catalyst, and business-balls maker.

BUT, I wasn’t always….

As long as I can remember, I was always resistant and unhappy having to follow someone else’s schedule. We’re not talking about a twinge of unhappiness but the deep, stifling kind.

After 10 years of working for someone else, exchanging my freedom of time for a paycheck, feeling VERY unhappy, always looking forward to Friday, feeling anxious on Sunday nights, I decided to take the plunge. I quit my job and decided to start a business.

I was no stranger to the unknown.

Years before, I had over $70,000 worth of debt..yes, that’s right. I was deep in debt, and it wasn’t pretty.

We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt because of silly stuff like making minimum payments, not keeping track of the mounting balances, robbing Peter to pay Paul and so on.

Debt is a slippery slope, and I was cruising down it at a breakneck pace. But I knew that things had to change or there would be a financial catastrophe looming that could ruin my future.

So change I did. Not only did I get myself out of that mess but I also had a house to show for it, a few real estate investment properties and zero consumer debt.

Having gone through all that and ending up on the other side of it, I thought that starting a business wouldn’t be so tough. Gotta love naiveté.  Starting a business has been one of the best decisions I have ever made AND one of the scariest.

During the beginning stages of building my business; worry, frustration and fear were my constant companions.  And I remember the first thoughts of the day were always about money, or more accurately, the lack of it.  Constantly worrying about how I  was going to pay my bills each month because my debt was increasing, and the money wasn’t coming in at nearly the same rate.  Not even close.

Frustrated of being broke and having to say no to a lot of things that I wanted to do because I didn’t have the money and scared that I would have to say goodbye to my dream of owning my own business and go back to working for someone else, I knew that it was time to finally step out of my shell and start getting clients (consistently).

[Enter focus, consistency and strategy]

It’s amazing what can happen when the desire to succeed supersedes the fear of putting yourself out there to be judged, rejected…and even the fear of being so busy that you don’t know if you’re going to be able to handle it all.

Since my core desire is time freedom (which by the way, isn’t nearly as much fun when you don’t have the money freedom to go with it), it’s what I help my clients with. 

Whether they are barely getting by or they want to grow an already healthy income, I show them how to get more clients by implementing strategies to get them in front of their prospective clients and then teach them how to convert them to clients.  It’s a 3 step system that I used which took me from just barely getting by to having the wonderful problem of too many clients and not enough time.  Then I had to figure out a system for that 🙂

My dominant aim is to help women entrepreneurs build a business that supports a lifestyle they love and allows them to serve others. My mission has become my obsession. 

Empowering women by helping them build a wildly profitable business.  It’s my cause, my calling and the oxygen that sustains and fuels me. I have helped scores of women entrepreneurs get more clients and build their businesses and have continued to double and triple my revenue. 

I mention this with a humble heart and only for the purpose so that you know that it can be done. All of these failures and successes shaped my path and honed my strategies of generating exponential results and it’s what I help women entrepreneurs do…get clients, make money and shift their mindset (not necessarily in that order). 

Here’s to getting what you want – no excuses.